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Attack on Chinese Consulate in Karachi

By Zahoor Khan Marwat
December 01, 2018

The Chinese Consulate in Karachi came under a terrorist attack on the morning of November 23, 2018. The attackers’ evil designs failed to materialise and the rescue operation ended in half an hour or so. Two security forces personnel embraced martyrdom. About 21 staff members in the consulate remained safe and secure. The courageous security forces of Pakistan prevented a terrorist act one more time, like the past. Some aspects of the incident are crucial to ponder upon.

One has find out as to who could be the prime beneficiary of such an action against the Chinese in Pakistan, especially in the backdrop of PM Imran Khan’s successful visit to China. A spokesman for the BLA confirmed there were three attackers. He claimed that China was exploiting their resources in the province. Pakistan has long pointed out that its old rival, India, is supporting the nationalist insurgents in Balochistan. An unprecedented anti-CPEC campaign has been unleashed by hostile elements, especially India, at various international fora and organisations with the aim to scuttle the project and deprive Pakistan of its benefits. Efforts are aimed at creating controversies and mistrust of the people in the mega projects through various means and exploiting fault-lines in the society.

It has also been reported that Karachi has a number of sleeping cells being operated by Indian intelligence RAW, Afghan intelligence NDS and even agencies from the West. These should be searched and neutralised.

Meanwhile, the clearance operation was initially led by a female police officer ASP Suhai Aziz Talpur; this indicates that our girls and women folks are on the forefront to defeat the evil designs of RAW-NDS nexus. Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah lauded the courage of the female police officer ASP Clifton Suhai Aziz for leading the operation during the attack. “Our women are brave and can work shoulder-to-shoulder with men,” the CM said. Suhai Aziz led the security operation that foiled the brazen attack by members of the Baloch Liberation Army. She ensured the terrorists, armed with hand-grenades, assault rifles, magazines and explosives, did not reach the diplomatic staff inside the consulate building. As soon as they reached the gates of the consulate, the Karachi Police team took positions and killed the attackers.

As we all know, China is funding development of a deep water port at Gwadar in south Balochistan and is also investing in other projects on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is an important part of the Chinese massive ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) transcontinental and trans-oceanic initiative. The port of Gwadar will connect China with Central Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe through a network of rail, road and motorways envisioned under the project, which aims to economically uplift China’s underdeveloped western region of Xinjiang.

However, it is being propagated that Chinese military bases are planned in the coastal belt and Gwadar Port, aimed at occupation of native resources. There are also claims about designs of Chinese aggression in the Arabian Sea. It is said that Pakistan will become a Chinese colony and a puppet. Existence of political differences, concerns over CPEC projects and equitable share of provinces/ Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) are being highlighted. Exploitation of resources of Balochistan, projects being undertaken against the will of the people of Balochistan and Sindh and demographic changes in Balochistan are being claimed. These all are untrue.

Despite the attack, Pakistan and China should remain focused on their economic goals and remain steadfast in meeting similar future challenges. Certainly, the CPEC will bring prosperity and connectivity, thus reducing space for terrorists for operations in the region. As a socio-economic project, it will provide for the uplift of people in the least developed areas of Balochistan, Sindh, GB and KP.