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Corps commander to monitor Lahore situation: III Brigade consulted for operation to remove protesters in twin cities

By Our Correspondent
November 01, 2018

ISLAMABAD/LAHORE: The government has decided to take strict action to tackle the protest and sit-in in different parts of the country against the verdict of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Aasia Bibi’s case.

In this regard, the law enforcement agencies have been put on high alert in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and other cities. Police, Rangers and security institutions may take part in the expected operation to remove the protesters.

Sources said arrangements have been finalised for operation in Islamabad. However, the operation was postponed late on Wednesday night and the police stations were ordered to stay alert. Sources said the expected operation in Lahore will be led by Corps Commander Lahore. An official of a sensitive organisation divulged that lists of all people involved in disturbing law and order have been prepared. The action against the protesters in the federal capital has been finalised in a meeting chaired by the chief commissioner Islamabad. The help of Rangers has also been sought for this purpose. III Brigade has also been consulted for possible action in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

It is quite evident that the law enforcers may take strict action if the protesters refused to vacate the roads peacefully.