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15 companies fined over supply of substandard water

By Our Correspondent
October 25, 2018

Islamabad : The district health department of Islamabad has challaned 15 water companies during last three months for supplying substandard water in the federal capital.

Among those water brands were Nestol Premium, Fresh Life, Softin Pure & Healthy water, Urban Drops, Nalgo Premier, Be safe, Hydrox Premium , Masafi, Orabel Premium, Venora, Aqua Stream, Careem water, Himalaya, Abe Shifa, and Nectar water.

According to the examination report of National Institute of Health for the July-September 2018 quarter, 56 samples of mineral water companies available in the market were collected from different markets of Islamabad.

Of the 56 collected samples, 15 companies' water was found substandard, contaminated with chemical or other microbiological impurities.

Some bottled water contained salt beyond permissible limit, while some had bacteria in large numbers and thus, causing high vulnerability to cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid. Researchers in the report revealed that all those samples did not conform to the standards of drinking water prescribed by the rules made under the West Pakistan food Ordinance.

District health officer Dr Muhammad Tahir said the matter of challaned companies had been forwarded to the court for legal action. He said malpractices would not be tolerated into the matter as water was the most essential ingredient of life.