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Robbers’ gang operating in Karachi, Quetta busted

By Our Correspondent
October 20, 2018

The Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) of the Karachi police on Friday claimed to have busted an interprovincial gang involved in criminals activities in Karachi and Quetta.

The six-member gang was apprehended during a raid conducted on a tip-off near Bhittai Chowk in Scheme 33 in Sohrab Goth. ACLC officials also claimed to have recovered cash amounting to over Rs10 million, jewellery and arms from them.

The arrests were disclosed by ACLC chief SSP Munir Shaikh during a news conference at the ACLC office. SSP Shaikh said the arrested suspects included the gang leader, Ghulam Fareed alias Akhtar, and his five companions, Irfan Hameed, Jamshed, Kashif, Ali Akbar and Liaquat Ali.

According to the SSP, the suspects were involved in criminal activities in Karachi and Quetta. Explaining the modus operandi of the suspects, the officer said the gang members used to travel to Quetta in the afternoon where they stayed overnight and committed robberies during the early hours of the next day, after which they immediately fled to Karachi.

“They had a strong network of informers in Quetta who used to inform them about rich people,” SSP Shaikh said, adding that they robbed rich households in Quetta of cash, mobile phones and vehicles.

The SSP said the gang used to sell the stolen mobile phones from Quetta in Sohrab Goth. He added that the robbers were also involved in cases of street crime and robberies in various parts of Karachi, including Gulshan-e-Maymar and Gulistan-e-Jauhar.

Sharing details of a recent major robbery committed by the gang in Quetta, the officer said the suspects had barged into the house of a person, Ataullah, in Quetta from where

they robbed over Rs50 million and jewellery worth Rs6 million. The police recovered over Rs10 million cash, jewellery, two motorcycles and four pistols from the gang.

The complainant, Ataullah, was also present at the press conference. He announced a Rs1.2 million reward for the police party that investigated the case, arrested the criminals and recovered his cash and jewellery. Further investigations are under way.