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SLS School students get art workshop prize

July 24, 2018

Rawalpindi: Seven young artists from Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School won the prize of attending the Nukta Art Workshop in this year’s Art Beat - The Little Art’s National Child Art Competition, says a press release.

The seven day art workshop was held at the Nukta Studios under the guidance of Sajjad Akram, artist and assistant professor at the National College of Arts, Rawalpindi. Moiz Bilal, Sara Jabeen, Gulsher and Zoeya Shahid from Gulraiz Campus, Ayesha Ahmad from Zaraj Campus, Adeena Asim from Satellite Town Campus and Waizul Islam from Peshawar Road Campus won this workshop out of hundreds of student artist entries in this year’s competition.

The first three days of the workshop were the most exciting for the young artists as they learnt to sketch their favorite toy/character and to paint them with different bright colors. The next two days focused on dough modeling in which the students explored and learnt about using soft medium to sculpt three dimensional figures of their favorite characters with reference of their selected toy. They mixed colorful doughs to make different colors and put in their heart while sculpting the characters while paying attention to every single detail.

The second half of the workshop had the students learning 3D Origami Art. Using their imagination and learning different techniques of the origami art skills they created a puppet with disposable cups and a piece of cloth. Lots of excited faces with big smiles could be seen at the end of the activity as the students decorated their puppets and showed them to their friends. The story telling activity was a new learning experience for all the students. All the participants used their imagination to create a story and learnt how to characterize it through three different mediumsi.e. drawing, painting and sculpting. The story was later converted into the form of a skit which was performed by the students themselves.