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Shahbaz skips appearance before NAB

July 17, 2018

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Shahbaz Sharif Monday skipped his appearance before National Accountability Bureau (NAB) regarding an inquiry into Punjab Power Development Company (PPDC).

The bureau had previously issued a notice to Shahbaz stating: “The inquiry against the management and officials of the PPDC has revealed that you (Shahbaz) are in possession of the information/ evidence related to unlawful appointment of Syed Farrukh Ali Shah to Nepra as a member, and the PPDC as chief executive officer.”

However, Shahbaz failed to appear before the bureau on Monday.

Sources told this scribe that the next date foe PPDC scam hearing is yet to be decided. They said that failure of Shahbaz Sharif to appear before NAB team would be discussed in the executive meeting and a plan would be devised to make him (Shahbaz) cooperate with the investigators.

Earlier, Shahbaz had twice attended the hearing about the alleged corruption after missing two consecutive hearings.

NAB has charged Shahbaz Sharif with corruption and granting illegal privileges to his blue-eyed people in different companies.

Moreover, Shahbaz Sharif’s son-in-law, Ali Imran Yousaf, is also facing NAB corruption inquiries in both PPDC and Punjab Saaf Pani Company scam.

Moayyed Jafri adds: Shahbaz Sharif told various public gatherings in NA-132 Lahore constituency on Monday that July-25 would be the day of the PML-N victory. It would be the day when the people of Pakistan would get free their Quaid Nawaz Sharif through the power of their vote, he added. He is contesting election from NA-132 constituency in Lahore.

He said Nawaz Sharif had returned to country to stand with the people for civilian supremacy in democracy and for the rights of people.

He said people had rejected the court decision against him. Shahbaz visited Ferozpur Road, Bank-Stop, Yohannabad, Gajju Matta and Kahna and addressed his voters and supporters.