Monday June 24, 2024

The best is yet to come

July 06, 2018

It is a matter of great pride that large numbers of students are showing interest in joining civil services. However, the disappointing CSS results show that a lot is needed to be done to tackle the issues that lead to such shocking results. Only 3.33 percent of the candidates were able to pass the 2017 CSS exams. Despite the mushroom growth of education institutions across the country, there hasn’t been a significant important in the education sector. According to the FPSC, the lack of general knowledge and poor writing skills are some of the reasons for the high number of failures. However, the HEC hasn’t taken remedial measures with regard to the weaknesses pointed out by the FPSC. The HEC should bring structural reforms to both private and public education institutions. Students are not responsible for these poor results. They learn from the environment they are exposed to. It is the responsibility of the education institutions to impart quality education so that students can perform exceptionally well in all tests.

Abdul Hafeez Chachar