Friday August 19, 2022

Alternative medicine

May 27, 2018

Every year, we produce a large number of doctors even though there are very few jobs available for them. The gap has widened over time. Moreover, most doctors refuse to work in health centres in rural areas and hospitals in small towns. Many qualified doctors opt for jobs in other fields, wasting the very expensive education that we provide them. this must not go on. We should improve the current situation to provide healthcare facilities for everyone. There are several alternatives to allopathy. Homeopathy, which developed in Germany two centuries ago, is as scientific as allopathy and an effective alternative.

There is also herbal medicine, which is gaining currency in the West. The provincial governments should devote some of their present medical colleges to homeopathy and herbal medicine, both of which are recognised by the government. Local companies may be given incentives to manufacture non-allopathic medicines and also do research on their own. Doctors who have majored in homeopathy and herbal medicine should be posted in every hospital across the country. Our primary objective is to provide healthcare to the entire population, not to promote a specific system of medicine.

Muhammad Abd al-Hameed ( Lahore )