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If kin pardons in honour killing: Police in Punjab asked to make state party in case

By Usman Manzoor
May 20, 2018

ISLAMABAD: Some 451 women have been killed in the name of honour in Punjab during the last two years, while only 21 murderers have been convicted, says a letter of additional inspector general of police.

Since 2011, around 2,320 women have been assassinated in honour killing incidents. In his communication with all the regional police officers, district police officers and city police officers, Additional IG Punjab, Investigation Branch Abu Bakr Khuda Bakhsh directed the Punjab Police to include Section 311 of Pakistan Penal Code in the cases of honour killings. Section 311 says that the state becomes party in cases where blood relatives pardon the murderers.

Khuda Bakhsh’s letter says that in 2017, some 222 women were killed by relatives in the incidents of honour killings and only six murderers were convicted. Only 15 murderers were convicted in 2016, out of total 229 cases. The additional IG has said that such statistics bring a bad name to Pakistan when it comes to human rights and women’s rights.

Section 311 relates to “Ta'zir after waiver or compounding of right of qisas in qatl-e-amd”.

According to Punjab Police figures, since 2011, more than 2,320 women were killed for honour. In 2011, 364 women were killed, in 2012, some 366 were assassinated for honour, while 368 women were killed in 2013. In 2014, this figure touched 404, while in 2015, 328 women fell victim to honour killings.

It is worth mentioning here that of all the convictions in honour killing cases, the women were killed by in-laws and their blood relatives pursued the cases. In many cases, the main accused was the wali of the woman and he pardoned himself.