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Habib University awards degrees to 84 graduates

By Our Correspondent
May 06, 2018

Habib University in its first convocation conferred degrees on 84 graduates in four majors disciplines on Saturday.

The students have graduated in BSc (Honors) Social Development and Policy, BA (Honors) Communication Design, BS Electrical Engineering and BS Computer Science.

The convocation ceremony began with a recitation from the holy Quran by students, followed by the aational anthem sung by the Habib University choir.

Starting off the ceremony, the chancellor of Habib University, Rafiq M Habib, stated: “It gives me immense pleasure to declare the 2018 Habib University Convocation opened.”

As the 84 students walked onto the stage to receive their degrees, they introduced themselves through videos stating their achievements or thesis projects.

As the valedictorian of the Class of 2018, graduate Saadia Pathan was invited to speak.

Talking about HU, she said: “We call ourselves Pakistan’s first liberal arts varsity, but we are not just the first, we are new as well.”

Thanking the varsity president and each of her professors, Saadia said, “The founders of HU are visionaries. Courage is needed to share a vision. And it requires trust that we put in them when we applied to HU and they put in us when they took us in as the first batch of HU. I ask you: just ask you trusted us when we stepped in, trust as we step out.”

In his speech, Habib University President Wasif A Rizvi congratulated the graduates.

He said: “The visions of Janice, a concept that looks behind as well as forward. Class of 2018: the meaning of a liberal arts education is teaching you how to think and subscribing human value to your education, and your education is really the job of a lifetime.”

On the occasion, Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair congratulated and praised the graduates and their parents on making the biggest contribution to Habib University, and raising such outstanding kids.

Mohammad Zubair then invited the top achievers in the graduating student body to the Governors House to recognise their achievements.

The commencement was concluded with a performance by the Habib University choir, a word of thanks from the chancellor, and the celebratory throwing of caps.