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Wajid Zia cannot save Nawaz, he will be imprisoned orexiled, says Aitzaz

By Agencies
April 03, 2018

LAHORE: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Aitzaz Ahsan on Monday said however hard Wajid Zia may try to save Nawaz Sharif, but it is difficult for the latter to save himself from the NAB.

While talking to the media, he said NAB's the decision would be against Nawaz Sharif. He said if Wajid Zia establishes that the properties are registered in the names Nawaz’s children, even then Nawaz Sharif is sure to be convicted.

He said Nawaz Sharif would either go to jail or be sent on exile. In that scenario, Aitzaz claimed Sharif would give a public call for a movement either from London or the Adyiala jail.

He said if Nawaz Sharif gets assurances that he would be granted bail in 10 to 12 days, only then he would opt for prison. But, if Nawaz Sharif is imprisoned for a longer term,

he would give a public call from London.

The PPP leader said Shahbaz Sharif is pleading for reconciliation. About the caretaker set up, he said that it is unlikely for the government and the opposition to agree upon the set up and the issue would be decided by the Election Commission.