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CITY PULSE: Let Your Soul Blossom

March 01, 2018

Hira Zubair’s solo exhibition titled ‘Let Your Soul Blossom’ is running at the ArtChowk gallery until March 13. Hira believes that sustaining the soil meditates and focuses on your roots; the strength of spirituality involves our capacity to dig deep and find the greater meanings in life, to align ourselves with a purpose that extends beyond us and to find unity with something greater such as nature. Call 021-35300482 for more information.

Hua Kuch Yoon

Sajid Hasan’s play ‘Hua Kuch Yoon’ is a satirical prelude to ‘Sarhay 14 August Say Pehlay’. The play is a fictitious account of two love stories, present day and past, depicting the trials and tribulations of lovers caught up in the revolutionary web between Pakistan and India. With a humorous angle, it looks at how the lives of people can sometimes be affected by two warring countries. Presented by KopyKats Productions, the play continues until March 15 at the Arts Council. Call 0300-8208108 for more information.

Above Us Only Sky

Komal Shahid Khan’s solo exhibition titled ‘Above Us Only Sky’ will run at the Full Circle Gallery until March 2. Komal has lately been struggling to find answers to self-created questions, questions that keep redrawing themselves with every passing day and our reason of existence keeps calling out with its unfolding meaning in time. However, she feels that this riddle might not be solved in isolation. Call 0303-2239038 for more information.


Acclaimed Pakistani-Canadian artist Tazeen Qayyum’s solo exhibition titled ‘Descent’ is running at the Canvas Gallery. The show traces Tazeen’s increasingly focused performance and drawing practices, mapping how these two modes construct, evolve and poetically inform each other. The exhibition will remain open until March 1. Call 021-35861523 for more information.

Text & Texture

Rashid Arshed’s solo exhibition titled ‘Text & Texture’ is running at the Koel Gallery until March 8. Arshed has dedicated this show to fellow artist and student Imran Mir, who passed away in 2014. The exhibition comprises his latest series of calligraphy. For him the subject of calligraphy is the expression of peace, serenity and spiritualism. Call 021-35831292 for more information.