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Montessori Theme Display at SLS

February 05, 2018

Rawalpindi: Montessori students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, Lalazar Campus, organised a Montessori theme display, says a press release.

Over 2000 parents were invited as guests who visited all the beautifully decorated classrooms. The Junior Montessori classrooms had separate themes based on poems. Ranging from hunters prowling through a jungle, sea creatures in an underwater world; a colourful representation of the four seasons especially the winter season complete with a snowman and snowflakes to a garden themed class where the flowers sang, while the bees buzzed and the birds chirped; it was indeed a sight to behold.

The Senior Montessori classes looked like miniature film sets where the students acted on their favourite bedtime stories. Deeply immersed in their characters all the students showed off their acting skills and mesmerized the audience. The little red riding hood in her shiny red costume fighting with the wolf, Snow Queen Elsa’s adventure to break her icy spell, the hungry caterpillar eating its food and the busy bumble bee, every classroom had a different story to tell. Their perfect little costumes, background music and dialogues had the audience under a spell.

The Advanced Montessori students were no less. They displayed life under the sea along with students dressed as bees, bugs and butterflies found in a garden and birds and animals in their respective habitats. Students dressed as birds and animals introduced themselves and shared with the audience some information about them as well. The scary bat and spider cave was loved by everyone. The specially designed bat costumes grabbed everyone’s attention as the students showed them off while they echolocated their prey. Moving forward the guests witnessed life under the sea with a huge octopus which had its arms spread around it, a student disguised as a starfish which had attached itself to a rock and other students as whales, sharks and sea horses.

The grand theme display was appreciated by all the guests. The colourful activities continued till late in the afternoon followed by a funfair where everyone enjoyed the food, played games and clapped to the amazing tricks of the magician at the magic show.