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PSO, Shahid Afridi Foundation to educate future generations

December 22, 2017

KARACHI: PSO CSR Trust (PSO) and Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) have joined hands to ensure continued provision of education for future generations of Pakistan.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between both the organisations, PSO confirmed a financial support of Rs 3.25 million to SAF’s Malikpur, Lahore school campus for a period of one year. Hundreds of students from deserving background will benefit from this partnership.

Chairman PSO CSR Trust, Mr Yacoob Suttar and Global Chairman SAF, Mr Shahid Khan Afridi signed and exchanged the MoU documents. Mr Zeshan Afzal, Global CEO, SAF, Mr Shahzad Safdar and Mr Imran Rana, members of the PSO CSR Trust and senior officials from both sides were present to observe proceedings of the ceremony.

Welcoming Mr Shahid Khan Afridi and representatives from SAF at the PSO house and while highlighting PSO’s role as a responsible corporate citizen, the chairman, PSO CSR Trust, Mr Yacoob Suttar said: “As a responsible corporate citizen, PSO has been at the forefront in helping the nation deal with various challenges by providing support in the areas of education, healthcare, community, development and disaster relief.”

“Realising that education is an important factor that has potential to transform Pakistan’s future, PSO CSR Trust spends around one third of its corporate philanthropy budget to ensure provision of education for future generations of Pakistan,” said the chairman, PSO CSR Trust. He further said: “We are pleased today to join hands with the Shahid Afridi Foundation. Our support to SAF’s School in Malikpur, Lahore will ensure that hundreds of students from the deserving communities have continued access to quality education.”

The legend Mr Shahid Afridi in his remarks at the ceremony, while sharing his dream and commitment towards this philanthropic career, said: “I highly appreciate and thank PSO’s management for entrusting and acknowledging my pledge and strive for the cause.”

He further said: “I strongly believe that all the privileged community, especially the corporate sector has to come forward and contribute its part to return back to the society, for which I am very appreciative to the PSO and its management for joining hands with Shahid Afridi Foundation.”

Mr Afridi said: “I would also request PSO’s management to support SAF’s other initiatives, especially in the field of health and clean water. And, finally, I would also like to thank the media for supporting and projecting my cause by providing coverage to our events and activities.”

Mr Zeshan Afzal, Global CEO – SAF, while speaking about SAF’s initiatives, said: “SAF has undertaken different initiatives in health, clean water and sports rehabilitation with a special focus on its education project.”

He said: “This partnership with PSO, whereby PSO would be funding one-year operational cost for our SAF School, Malikpur Campus in Lahore, is of extreme importance for SAF as this is our first school under our education initiative.”

He further said: “SAF schools would work on community schools concept providing free of cost education to the poorest of poor children of our society at the same time providing parents counseling sessions, vocational trainings to the students and interested people of the locality and interest free loans to the eligible candidates in partnership with Akhuwat.”