Tuesday October 19, 2021

PMA asks ministers to step down over roadside childbirth

October 20, 2017

LAHORE :Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has demanded resignation of ministers and secretaries of health department over the fiasco of a pregnant woman giving birth to a child on road in front of THQ Hospital, Raiwind.

PMA representative Dr Tanveer Anwar while speaking at a press conference at PMA House said, “The administrative authorities and the doctors should be given exemplary punishment for their criminal negligence, while the morality demands Ministers and Secretaries to step down as such ethics is displayed all over the world over such an inhuman act,”. Earlier, PMA Centre President Dr Ashraf Nizami announced to boycott Punjab Healthcare Commission’s activities until it gives a comprehensive policy to eliminate quackery. “The doctors’ representative bodies will not cooperate with the PHC till acceptance of demands relating to its effective working,” Ashraf said.

debate: A two-day quadri-lingual debates competition in Pashto, Punjabi, Urdu and English was organized by Government College University Debating Society.

Debating Society President Mohiba Ahmed chaired the competition in which students from 26 departments showed their oratory skills on different topics. In English debates, Abdul Hannan Mir of Economics department got first position, while Andullah Mohsin and Shahrukh Baig of English department stood second and third. Romaisha Tauseef of Psychology department won the English humours debates.

In Punjabi debates, Sultan Altamash and Abdullah Jameel of Political Science got first and third positions, while Tauseef Mehmood of Urdu department secured second position. Farhan Khan, Fazal Hadi and Nida Khattak got first, second and third in the Pashto debates. Students of English department took all three positions in Urdu debate. In Urdu humorous debate, Intermediate students Sultan Faiz and Abdullah Zahid got first and third positions, while Hafiz Umer of Political Science stood second.

training: Punjab Commission on the Status of Women organised a training session in Punjab Assembly with women Members of Provincial Assembly on the subject of protection of women against harassment.

At Punjab Assembly, Convener Women Parliamentary Caucus President Kanwal Numan and Secretary General Shameela Aslam hosted this training session with collaboration of PCSW Chairperson Fauzia Viqar.Women MPAs across the Punjab participated in this training session and shared their concerns about the implementation and effectiveness of this law.