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Conspiracies hatched to block PML-N’s win in next polls: Maryam

By our correspondents
September 10, 2017

LAHORE: PML-N central leader Maryam Nawaz Sharif has said that the opponents of Nawaz Sharif had a very good idea that the PML-N was all set to score an overwhelming win in 2018 elections, so they hatched one conspiracy after the other to victimise the party leadership.

Addressing an event held by the PML-N Traders’ Wing during Maryam’s campaign for her mother who is contesting in the NA-120 by-polls, she said that time and again PTI had suffered embarrassing defeats in elections by PML-N. This is why they were convinced that they cannot defeat Nawaz Sharif and his party in the elections, she added. 

She criticised the decision of the judiciary and said that the decision was once of its kind and was widely criticised locally and internationally. She urged the PML-N workers and the voters of the NA 120 constituency to express their disapproval of Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification by voting for the PML-N. She said that the people needed to practice the power of their vote and vote for the sanctity of vote to show all those trying to come in government through back