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Egyptian babies take to water!

By our correspondents
August 21, 2017

CAIRO: Egyptian parents have begun enrolling their infants in a swimming class, taught by a 30-year-old Russian-trained coach, in order to help their babies sleep better at night and improve their flexibility.

The classes are open for infants aged 3-7 months, with the infants learning how to hold their breath underwater for up to 27 seconds. “Our training and the methods we use help the babies become more flexible and versatile.

This allows the babies to start sitting upright and moving before other babies who are the same age,” said Mohamed Abdelmaksoud, a diver and swimming instructor. Despite some initial nervousness among parents, Abdelmaksoud’s classes have proved popular and the training pool is dotted with parents dunking their babies in and out of the water.

“Honestly, it has helped tone his muscles. At first his body was very stiff and his legs were always close to his torso, but now he has no trouble stretching his legs and he is no longer afraid of the water,” said Heba Helal cradling her son.—Reuters