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Christians still fuming over ministers’ comments

By Mobarik A Virk
July 19, 2017

Islamabad: Though a minority community in Pakistan, the Christians all over the country have taken strong exception of the comments made by the Adviser to the Prime Minister/Minister of State on Law, Zafarullah Khan, who in his recent conference drew parallels between the historical betrayal of Judah with what the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family is facing in wake of the Panama Leaks investigations by the Joint Investigating Team (JIT), appointed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Interfaith League (PIL) and a human rights activist, Sajid Ishaq, while talking to ‘The News’ said that it was an unfortunate comparison the highly learned Minister made in defence of the Prime Minister and his family.

“This has deeply hurt the feelings and religious sentiments of the Christian community not only within Pakistan but beyond as well,” the PIL Chairman said. “Using references of revered personalities for political purposes should be strictly banned by the Supreme Court and appropriate legislation should also be made in this respect to prevent such incidents in future as well,” Sajid Ishaq said.

He said that the ‘clarification’ issued by the office of the Adviser to the Prime Minister/State Minister on Law, is a very disappointing effort, which instead of appeasing the agitated Christian community in Pakistan, has further hurt them as they feel that their religious beliefs are not being respected.