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Ulema to carry out drive against terrorism

By our correspondents
July 07, 2017

LAHORE: More than 28 religious and political organisations of the country under the aegis of the Pakistan Ulema Council devised a mechanism to carry out countrywide campaign for annihilation of terrorism, extremism and sectarian violence from the country.

Representatives of different religious and political organisations from all over Pakistan attended “Unity of Ummah conference” that held here on Thursday resolved that Muslims as well as non-Muslim community of Pakistan is united and committed for stability of Pakistan.

The participants of the conference while addressing on this occasion stated that terrorists are not only enemies of Islam and Muslims but of humanity.The leadership of different religious and political organisations also vowed that any bid to create religious and political instability in the country will not be allowed to succeed, adding that unity of Muslim Ummah is need of the time to contain Israel-India nexus. The participants of the conference also said that all the Islamic schools of thought and religious sects fully endorse the movement of the people of Kashmir and Palestine.Pakistan Ulema Council Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi presided over the conference.