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‘Environmental education should be a compulsory subject’

By our correspondents
April 23, 2017


WWF-Pakistan marked Earth Day 2017 with an aim to encourage people to promote environmental and climate education campaigns across the country. 

A number of activities were organised by WWF-Pakistan in different cities which engaged education institutes, corporate entities, civil society organisations, local communities and government departments.  Speaking on the occasion, Hammad Naqi Khan, WWF-Pakistan director general, said that education could play a pivotal role in addressing environmental problems which were increasing day by day. It can also help create public support for conservation of the earth’s resources and can be a voice for change. "With quality education, we can inspire action towards environmental protection and sensitise people to adopt green technologies", he said. He was of the view that people should switch to alternative energy, end use of plastic bags, conserve freshwater bodies and make effective and wise use of natural resources It is time to take environmental and climate issues seriously and mobilise people to develop public momentum to mitigate greenhouse emissions, increase tree cover, reduce pollution and protect endangered species.

He also emphasised that environmental education should be a compulsory subject and taught in schools across the country. 

In Lahore, WWF-Pakistan organised a main event at Ali Institute of Education (AIE) and also planted indigenous trees there. Another event was organised at Changa Manga. The participants planted  saplings and showed commitment to protect the earth through increasing tree cover in the city. The participants also visited WWF-Pakistan's Vulture Centre.