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Huge cache of arms seized in Kurram Agency

By Ali Afzal
April 19, 2017

PARACHINAR: The security forces seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition during operation in Kurram Agency, officials said on Tuesday.

Political Officer Shahid Ali Khan and Commandant, Kurram Militia, Colonel Umar Malik told reporters that seven rocket launchers, 24 rocket shells, two anti-aircraft guns, 50 hand-grenades and 400 mortar shells were also seized in the operation.

The officials said that the densely populated area of the town had been declared 'red zone' on the requests of tribal elders and traders. About 24 kilometer trench had been dug around the town, they said, adding, the trench had disrupted movement through unfrequented routes.

The officials said that the trench would be made a ring road in future. They also announced that motorcycles and other vehicles' entry into 'red zone' had been banned.