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PSP likely to stage sit-in outside CM House on Monday

April 15, 2017

The Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) has decided to pack up its hunger strike unto death camp from outside the Karachi Press Club and instead stage a sit-in outside the Chief Minister House on Monday, a credible source told The News on Friday.

The party’s chairman, Mustafa Kamal, also hinted at a change in the party’s plans, stating that the PSP would in a day or two draw a new strategy. The party would enter its protest’s second phase now, he said.

“We have mustered the support of smaller religio-political parties who endorse the fact that a city generating 75 percent of the state’s revenue is being deprived of basic facilities and its inhabitants are the worst sufferers,” Kamal said.

The PSP had reportedly warned the city’s municipal administration and the provincial government on Tuesday of shutting the city down if their demands were not met.

According to the source, the party would finalise its strategy to shut the city down after seeing the chief minister’s reaction on Monday.

On Friday, a delegation of the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek (PST) led by Mohammed Shahid Ghori and other senior leaders visited the PSP’s protest camp.

Addressing the participants, Ghori said that the people of the country, particularly Karachi are living in bad conditions. He said the PSP is taking practical efforts to demand its people’s basic rights. “It is the party that speaks the truth and is honestly working for Karachi’s betterment,” the PST chief reportedly said.

Ghori extended his party’s support to the PSP, saying that it would stand with it in every genuine cause of the city.

On behalf of PST, Ghori said that we would stand beside PSP as it is the only party which wanted to bring the lost glory and lights of the city

Mustafa Kamal said the party’s protest had entered its 10th day and people belonging to different communities as well as students were among the people who visited the camp to express solidarity.

A senior leader of the party, Anis Qaimi Khani, in his address to the participants said that the party would continue its protests till the demands are met; “Our mode of protest might change but we would not surrender till we have achieved what we desire. We will not compromise on our principles,” he said.

The PSP leader further stated that the party was a genuine representative of the people and has come out on the streets to demand the people’s rights.

“The PSP has the support of everyone irrespective of political affiliations which is the reason for its success,” Qaim Khani said.