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CM greets Sikhs on Besakhi festival

By our correspondents
April 14, 2017

LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has congratulated Sikh community on Besakhi festival and said it is a blissful celebration of Sikh community and sharing joyful moments of others reinforces brotherhood and solidarity. 

The CM said: “We equally share joys and happiness of Sikhs at this occasion as Pakistan is ours and we as a whole need to make it stable. There are various holy places of Sikhs in Pakistan and it is the responsibility of the state to provide minorities with their basic rights, ensure safety of their life and property and provide equal opportunities of development”. 

The CM said the Constitution provides full right to the minorities to live and work in Pakistan and provides them liberty to spend their lives according to their religious rites. Our government believes in inter-faith harmony and solid steps have been taken in this regard for welfare of minorities. Security and renovation of Gurdwaras of Sikhs has been given prime attention and all out resources have been provided to them to carry out their rituals. Special Job quota has been allocated for minorities and it has been implemented fully by PM Nawaz Sharif who has ensured safety of their rights.”