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Dams needed to achieve prosperity

December 01, 2016

City elders rightly point out misfortune never comes alone. It is the end-result of our own mistakes and blunders. If we don’t make up our mind to learn from any of our mistakes it’s better to seek guidance from Almighty God’s message delivered by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for mankind.

That guidance will enable us to solve problems, including social and economic, and make our homeland healthy and prosperous.

One wonders why people do not feel very happy. Why many of them say the democratic governance has not yet succeeded to save them from miseries caused by uncontrolled food price hike, unemployment and diseases. As regards job opportunities, nepotism has taken the place of merit, they allege.

Elders say we must meet the need for building small dams to solve the problem of electricity.

“We need not build castles and undertake costly projects for which huge loans are required.” The fact of the matter is that we today face the problem of food, clothing and housing. The lower class of society cannot easily afford highly inflated prices of wheat flour, sugar, milk, vegetables and cooking oil etc.

Why people often talk about China’s struggle for present industrial and agricultural progress?

Luckily, our masses have the same potential and quality of working unitedly for national rebuilding after any devastating rains and floods.

Only selfless leaders are needed to work manually and mentally along with common people, setting aside the self interest, to produce as much electricity as is necessary to overcome economic and social difficulties and achieve progress and prosperity.

There’s no denying the fact that masses need clean drinking water, fuel and electricity, bumper wheat, rice and sugar-cane crops and edible oil etc. for honourable living at a price which is within their reach.

Has Nature not given us everything; we have got unlimited resources; we only have to be self-reliant and work and work together selflessly in the national interest.

Dams needed to achieve prosperity.