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Mossad, RAW cooperation deepens

November 16, 2016

LAHORE: Indian intelligence and Israeli secret service are in alliance together with extensive military cooperation as they take on extremist Muslims groups

RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing is the intelligence gathering agency of the government of India like the CIA. This was set up in 1968 at the behest of the then Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. Right from its inception, RAW realized the importance of cooperation with the Israeli secret service MOSSAD. Initial contacts were established through the Israeli consulate in Mumbai. Over the years the bonds between the two agencies have strengthened with a common threat of Islamic terrorism and fundamentalism.

MOSSAD is one of the top spy agencies in the world and can rank as equivalent to the Soviet NKVD, German Gestapo, and the CIA. It is to its credit that the spy agency gleaned vital intelligence of extremist Muslim activities in a hostile environment. The Indian intelligence agency which has very close contacts with the American secret agencies has a deep relationship with the Israeli intelligence and the 3 form a triad.

With India having established full-fledged diplomatic relations in 1992 the relationship is now even stronger. Israeli agents frequently come to India as guests of RAW. They share information of extremist Muslim groups and were also acting as advisors in the terror attack from Pakistan in Mumbai on 26/11. As per insiders, RAW has two safe houses for giving shelter to MOSSAD agents. An Israeli agent with an Argentina passport was given a safe haven by RAW.

The cooperation between the two agencies can be gauged from the fact that the SPG(special protection group) which guards the prime minister had a ring of Mossad agents to guard the India PM Narendra Modi on his visit to Turkey which took place just after the Paris massacre. This news item was reported by the Times of India.

Pakistan and extremist Muslim outfits are not happy with the cooperation between RAW and MOSSAD as they well know the capabilities of assassinations and killing of the anti-terror arm of the Israeli secret service. It has carried out a string of killings all over the world of those who profess the destruction of the Israeli state. Under Narendra Modi, the right-wing head of the Indian government, the cooperation between the two agencies is likely to deepen as the threats have increased.