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Taliban warn India against military aid to Afghanistan

By our correspondents
September 05, 2016

ISLAMABAD: The Afghan Taliban called on India on Sunday to stop “exporting items of killing and destruction” to Afghanistan and stop efforts of “prolonging the lifespan of this corrupt regime with its military aid.”

“Providing the Kabul administration with such deadly weapons cannot be interpreted as friendship with the people of our country but as support for a criminal foreign backed group and clear hostility towards our people” the Taliban said.

“The Islamic Emirate condemns this action with the strongest of terms. Such acts will create distrust between the people of both countries and become a reason for deterioration of relationship,” the group’s spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, said in a statement.

“If anyone wishes to strengthen the Kabul stooge administration with military aid during occupation, this cannot be interpreted as anything other than enmity with the Afghans and shall arouse hatred of the people of Afghanistan.”

Mujahid said the key ‘Puli Alchin’ bridge in Kunduz was recently destroyed by the regime’s helicopters that were provided by the Indian government. He also referred to reports circulating in the media that India will be providing military aid to the Kabul administration in the form of aircraft and other equipment.

“India is giving the stooge Kabul administration military aid and it is an obvious fact that such weapons will be used to kill our people, oppress our nation and destroy our homes and public welfare structures,” the Taliban spokesman said.

Mujahid reminded India that the people of Afghanistan have not proved detrimental nor interfered in the internal affairs of others and they seek a reciprocal treatment towards the Afghans from other countries.

The Afghan media says the Afghan National Army Chief of Staff General Qadam Shah Shaheem visited India last month to meet the country’s defence officials to discuss more military aid to Afghanistan.

The Indian authorities have responded positively towards the latest wish list of weaponry and military equipment handed over by Gen. Shaheem, the report said. India supplied Afghanistan with lethal weapons last year after delivering three Mi-25 gunship helicopters.