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PAF rejects Indian claim its aircraft resembles JF-17

By Muhammad Saleh Zaafir
August 16, 2016


Chief of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) reacted on Sunday with a ‘broad smile’ here when his attention was drawn toward Pakistan’s arch enemy India’s video shot wherein pride of the PAF JF-17 Thunder was shown with Indian tri-colour flag on Indian Independence Day celebrations promotional video.

The attention of Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman was drawn towards the Indian folly here in flag-hoisting ceremony to commemorate Independence Day where he turned up with his spouse. He was asked to offer comments. The Air Chief didn’t attach significance to the matter and he declined to offer any serious comment but said with humility “I am aware of it.”

His impression was sought with an observation that it shows psychological supremacy of the PAF that has developed its plan within shortest period of time while India has failed in making its own in about 20 years. “Your assessment is as good as anyone else,” he remarked.

The Chief of Air Staff (CAS) was felicitated by number of the guests on previous night’s parade on Risalpur base.

Another PAF officer castigated Indian claim that JF-17 has any resemblance with India’s under construction light aircraft ‘Tejas’ since the frame of the two and appearance are entirely different to each other. “Tejas airworthiness is still far from final go ahead signal while JF-17 plans are flying successfully as part of the PAF and soon will be seen in the airs of other countries which are acquiring them.

Interestingly the display of JF-17 in Indian video left many in the government red in New Delhi faced as it featured a Pakistan fighter jet flying with the tri-colour Indian flag. The video, posted on Twitter, was, however, removed after the Twitterati pointed out that the jets were in fact Pakistani aircraft.

The opening portion of the Indian Culture Ministry's over one-minute video celebrating '70 years of Independence' featured an animated sequence of the two JF-17 flying with the Indian flag.

A government source in Indian capital said that it was an inadvertent mistake as the JF-17 looks similar to India's Tejas light combat aircraft and it is difficult for an ordinary citizen to know the difference between the two types of aircraft. However, realising the mistake, it was removed promptly, the source added.

The JF-17 jet was jointly developed by Pakistan and China and both are promoting it big time to garner global supply orders. Sri Lanka is among the countries which showed keen interest in purchasing JF-17 but Indian government through its nefarious tactics trying to scuttle any possible deal between Islamabad and Colombo.