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Punjab Police lauded for eliminating criminals in Rajanpur

By our correspondents
June 18, 2016

LAHORE: The Punjab police officials not only boosted the morale of the force but also got success in achieving the trust and confidence of the people by eliminating hardcore criminals in the Katcha area of Rajanpur district.

This was stated by Inspector General of Police Punjab, Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera while addressing the RPO Bahawalpur and DPOs of the region through a video link at Central Police Office, Lahore. All senior officers of CPO attended the meeting.

Mushtaq Sukhera while paying rich tributes to DPO Rahimyar Khan, Zeeshan Asgher on discharging his duties diligently without caring his valuable life, the IGP said that officers like Zeeshan Asgher were the real asset of our force and the young officers should follow the footprints of Zeeshan.

The IGP also announced CC-I certificate and other prizes for all participants of Katcha operation. He said the police of all Katcha areas should properly utilise the expertise of the Riverine force which has been trained for the purpose.

Earlier, DPO Rahimyar Khan, Zeeshan Asgher briefed the IGP about the modus operandi of the operation. He said that in the domain of police station Machka, Fatehpur, Dolatpur, Mureedabad, Chak Bhara, Thul Kundair and police station Bhong, Kot Sabzal and Ahmadpur Lamma of Tehsil Sadiqabad had become the safe havens for these criminals.

He said that from 1987 to 1988, many people belonging to Kosh and Chachar tribe had lost their lives during their clashes with each other. He said the people of these tribes introduced these POs as their heroes and also generated the funds at tribal level for them.

Zeeshan Asgher said that investigation against all these 77 POs was underway. He recommended CC-I and cash reward for SP Investigation, Irfan Sammu, DSP Sadiqabad, Mehr Nasir, SHOs of PS Machka, Zahir Peer, Kot Sabzal, Bhong, Sadar Sadiqabad, Ahmadpur Lamma and SHO PS Shedani.The Katcha area had become a safe heaven for the hardcore criminals for the last three decades and no go area for the local residents due to their brutalities and atrocities.