Thursday July 25, 2024

Macron pledges ‘to act’ until end of term in 2027

June 24, 2024
French President Emmanuel Macron seen in this undated image.— Reuters/file
French President Emmanuel Macron seen in this undated image.— Reuters/file 

PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday he would “act until May 2027”, the end of his second term, regardless of who wins the snap parliamentary elections he called.

“The incoming government, which will necessarily reflect your vote, will I hope resemble the various republicans who will have shown the courage to oppose the extremes,” Macron added in an open letter published in French media.

Polls suggest that the far-right National Rallywill come out on top of the snap vote whose first round is set for June 30,

Marine Le Pen, the party´s figurehead, has said Macron´s resignation could be the only solution to avoid a hung parliament for the remaining three years of his term.

The president surprised the country by dissolving parliament after the far right trounced his centrist party in EU Parliament elections earlier this month.

“You can trust me to act until May 2027 as your president, protector at every moment of our republic, our values, respectful of pluralism and your choices, at your service and that of the nation,” Macron said in the letter.

He insisted that the coming vote, with a second round on July 7, was “neither a presidential election, nor a vote of confidence in the president of the republic” but a response to “a single question: who should govern France?”

Macron acknowledged that his decision to call the snap polls had generated for some voters “anger that has turned against me.