Saturday July 20, 2024

GDA rejects federal, Sindh budgets as ‘anti-people’

By Our Correspondent
June 16, 2024
GDA leader Dr Safdar Abbasi addresses an event. — GDA Website/File
GDA leader Dr Safdar Abbasi addresses an event. — GDA Website/File 

The Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) has rejected both the newly presented federal and Sindh governments’ budgets while reiterating its demand to hold fresh general elections in the country after dissolving the governments “based on a fraudulent electoral mandate”.

Speaking at a press conference here on Saturday, GDA leaders Dr Safdar Abbasi and Irfanullah Khan Marwat said their alliance had rejected both the federal and provincial budgets for the next fiscal year as both freshly presented budgetary estimates were “anti-people”.

They said the rulers who had drafted the newly presented budgets at the centre and Sindh were highly upset and oblivious of the economic turmoil prevailing in the country.

They claimed that the federal and Sindh government budgets for 2024-25 didn’t contain any relief measure for the masses. They said the “imported” federal finance minister could not offer any concrete relief offer to the masses.

The GDA leaders said that Sindh had been ruined due to rampant corruption, and growers in the province had to suffer heavy financial losses as the government was not available to procure wheat from them.

They lamented that Sindh’s agricultural sector had been ruined due to sheer neglect on the part of the rulers. They claimed that people’s trust in every government institution had been completely eroded.

They alleged that thieves had come into power in the country as a result of a fraudulent electoral exercise in the country. They claimed that an illegal parliament had been formed as a result of the bogus general elections. They lamented that the K-IV bulk water supply project had been pending for the past 20 years while people of Karachi had been gravely suffering due to an acute water shortage.

To a question, they said the top leaderships of the PTI, JUI-F and GDA had been in contact with each other.

They demanded that fresh general elections should be conducted in the country after dissolving “governments based on fake electoral mandates”.