Monday June 17, 2024

Sindh’s growers ask federal govt to cut prices of agri inputs

By Aftab Ahmed
June 07, 2024
This file photo shows farmers working in a wheat field. — AFP/File
This file photo shows farmers working in a wheat field. — AFP/File

HYDERABAD: A growers’ meeting focused on the coming budget and last year’s agricultural performance here on Thursday.

The meeting noted that the country benefited from additional production of cotton, paddy & wheat. The meeting of the Sindh Abadgar Board was held in its office in Hyderabad. The meeting was presided over by Mahmood Nawaz Shah and attended by Dr. Zulfiqar Yousfani, Dr. Bashir Nizamani, Mohammed Aslam Mari, Imran Bozdar, Taha Memon, Arbab Ahsan, Malik Nizamani, Khalid Memon and others.

The GDP growth this year is being led by agriculture growers; however, they face challenges. These included rising cost of inputs, availability of the electricity continues to decline, climate change, and commodity prices declined

The Sindh Abadgar Board (SAB) proposed that climate change endowment funds should be created, which may be used to respond to climate-related extreme events that cause losses to crops and livestock.

The input prices continue to rise, and it seems that commodity prices are being suppressed by different means, like that of export curbs, extensive imports, etc. In the last year, prices of most of the major commodities of Pakistan, including that of cotton, oil seeds, and wheat, remained suppressed.