Monday July 22, 2024

PTI allowed to hold rally in capital on 39 conditions

PTI had applied on May 20 for holding public gathering at Fatima Jinnah Park, F-9, Islamabad on June 8

By Shakeel Anjum & News Desk
June 01, 2024
PTI workers at an election rally. — AFP/File
PTI workers at an election rally. — AFP/File

ISLAMABAD: On a court order, the Islamabad district administration has issued conditional permission to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for holding a public meeting in the federal capital, the deputy commissioner (DC) office said Friday.

The permission has been granted to hold the rally near Rawat T-Chawk on 39 conditions, including adherence to the scheduled end time and prohibition of anti-state slogans or speeches. Security will be the party’s responsibility, and any form of rioting or damage to public property will not be tolerated.

The PTI had applied on May 20 for holding the public gathering at Fatima Jinnah Park, F-9, Islamabad on June 8.

Comments were sought from Islamabad SSP (Operations), Intelligence Bureau and AIG of police. The law enforcement agencies reported that due to the prevailing volatile security situation in the federal capital and on the basis of the past conduct of the PTI, the permission for holding the rally at F-9 Park may not be granted. A District Intelligence Committee (DIC) meeting was also of the view that public gathering in the heart of Capital Territory by any political party should be avoided.

The district administration’s decision was conveyed to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) by a capital administration representative as it heard a contempt case regarding the party being denied permission to hold the rally.

Legal counsel for PTI Shoaib Shaheen voiced the party’s decision to organise the rally at Fatima Jinnah Park. In response, the court remarked that PTI can initiate a new petition to challenge the administration’s decision regarding the venue.

Later, speaking to the media outside the court, Shoaib expressed PTI’s intention to challenge the DC’s decision to permit the rally in Rawat.

“Rallies in Islamabad have historically occurred at three locations: F-9 Park, Parade Ground, and Peshawar Morr. There has never been a rally in Rawat,” he said.

He added that upon the issuance of a new order concerning the contempt of court request, the court has permitted us to challenge it through a fresh petition.