Thursday June 20, 2024

Mob justice

By News Desk
May 30, 2024
Mob justice

What is happening in this country? Lynch mobs appear to have become the norm with increasing support from extremist outfits. Our state’s inefficient response towards these extremist groups is only strengthening them further and today we are facing the consequences. No justice system in the world supports vigilantism carried out by a frenzied mob. The reason often cited for these incidents is that our country's justice system is weak, so the mob takes matters into their own hands. If that is the case, then these mobs should first come out to reform the justice system instead of threatening lives based on rumors. Mob attacks like the one that took place last week in Sargodha are not only illegal and immoral but also destructive to the social fabric. The right to execute justice belongs to the legal system and it cannot be handed over to a mob under any circumstances.

Anwar Sayab Khan