Saturday June 22, 2024

Mystery of young boy’s death at Trail-V remains unresolved

By Shakeel Anjum
May 29, 2024
The picture shows Islamabads hiking Trail 5. — Facebook/ICT Trail-5 Lovers/File
The picture shows Islamabad's hiking Trail 5. — Facebook/ICT Trail-5 Lovers/File

Islamabad: The Federal Capital Police, widening the circle of investigation to ascertain the facts of death of 15-year-old student Taha Usman at Trail-V during the group hiking, have initiated recording statements of the other five students of the group, the officials engaged in the investigation, said, adding that there are no indication of murder noticeable in the preliminary post-mortem report, however, the police are waiting for the final report.

SSP (Investigation) Hassan Jahangir when contacted, told this correspondent that Deputy Superintendent of Police (Homicide), Ahmad Kamal has been included in the main investigation team to cover every aspect of the case to reach on conclusion.

“The first information report (FIR) logged with the Secretariat police station on the complaint of mother of the deceased under section 365 PPC (Kidnapping) but when the body has found, addition of section 302 PPC has become legal obligation of the police, which has been included in the FIR,” Hassan maintained, adding that to ascertain the cause of death has become legal requirement to conclude the case.

“We will record statements of the five other students who accompanied the deceased during the hiking as a legal compulsion,” the SSP (Investigation) said, adding that the statements of the Ranger’s officials who helped the other five colleagues of the deceased, could be recorded to confirm the death cause.

The officials engaged in the court of investigation said that according to the initial statement of the remaining members of the hiking group, one of the student strained his feet during the hiking and was not able to move. All the six friends decided to seek help from the Ranger’s official deployed at the security check-post but Taha was reluctant to go up as the post was at some distance up the hill, saying that he will go down the hill as he was feeling exhausted and he left the group and started walking down and caught mishap.