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Kyrgyzstan violence

By News Desk
May 22, 2024
Kyrgyzstan violence

Over 500 Pakistani students have returned from Kyrgyzstan after an outbreak of mob violence in the capital of Bishkek in which international students were targeted by some of the local people. According to reports, the violence was triggered by a dispute between Kyrgyz and Egyptian students.

Several parents are now demanding the immediate repatriation of their children from Kyrgyzstan and many are now questioning if the country is safe for foreign students. The government needs to assess the situation and, if necessary, stop Pakistani students from going to study in countries where their safety might be in jeopardy.

Lajpat Chauhan



Attacks on foreign students by a segment of the local population in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan has affected Pakistani students in the country too. The attacks were reportedly triggered by a dispute between Kyrgyz and Egyptian students. Tensions and fear are now running high and hundreds of Pakistani students have already left Kyrgyzstan, abandoning their studies. How will they be able to complete their education now? This worrying question will soon be faced by the students, their parents and the government.

In my view, the best option is to let the dust settle and initiate confidence-building measures so that the students can go back and complete their studies. Investigations also need to be carried out to find out why a seemingly trivial clash between two groups of students triggered such an extreme response.

Malik ul Quddoos