Tuesday June 18, 2024

Going dry

By News Desk
May 22, 2024
Going dry

I am reaching out to share my concern regarding the water shortage in Karachi. Many areas have been receiving water irregularly, with some neighbourhoods going without water for days. This crisis has been made worse by the hot summer months, increasing demand and making the shortage even more unbearable. In some areas, residents have to wake up during the night just to collect a small amount of water from their taps. The poor water quality is also a problem and has resulted in an increase in waterborne diseases, further worsening the health crisis.

Despite paying our water bills, we often have no water and are forced to buy expensive water from private tankers run by the ‘water mafia’. These groups often steal water from the main supply lines and sell it at high prices, which is unfair and unacceptable. To fix this crisis, the city needs to upgrade and repair its water supply system. Authorities must closely watch the water supply and stop illegal water theft. Making water billing clear and ensuring that paying customers get their fair share is crucial.

Maria Asad