Monday June 24, 2024

Crime crisis

By News Desk
May 22, 2024
Crime crisis

For two years now, Kandhkot has been in a state of chaos and fear. It was once a peaceful community, but now it is in turmoil. Robberies have become an everyday occurrence, leaving citizens traumatized and feeling helpless in their own homes. What is really troubling is that the authorities seem powerless to stop these lawless acts. There is even talk that these dacoits might have secret supporters working behind the scenes, exacerbating the sense of helplessness and despair. In the face of such adversity, everyone hopes for a quick solution to this chaos and for things to go back to normal and for peace to return to the streets of Kandhkot. It is imperative for the Sindh government and police to undertake a comprehensive review of the law and order situation in district Kashmore. Immediate and decisive action must be taken against robbers, lawbreakers, and their accomplices to restore lasting peace and security to this city.

Moin Ahmed Awan