Thursday June 20, 2024

School in need

By News Desk
May 20, 2024
School in need

Government Elementary School, Lal Bakhsh, Notkani is the oldest school in Union Council Pir Fateh Shah Taluka, Badin. The school building is, sadly, in a state of disrepair. One part of the building, constructed in the 1990s, has lost its roof entirely and has been replaced by temporary sheets put up with the help of the villagers. The other block was built in 2021 but electricity was not provided. Our system is unable to provide a quality product due to the commission system in all government development works. The contractor may have left the job halfway and disappeared from the scene.

Over 300 students, both male and female, attend this school, with many of them coming from impoverished families. At this remote school, there are eleven teachers, including five female teachers, who regularly travel from Badin City to teach students. These teachers spend a significant portion of their salary on transportation. It is important for the government to provide transportation allowances to teachers teaching in remote areas. The government must give this school immediate attention and ensure that the lives of students and teachers are not endangered.

Abdul Jabbar