Saturday June 22, 2024

Two fake customs officers arrested in Orangi Town

By Our Correspondent
May 19, 2024
Sindh police personnel stand guard on the road. — APP/File
Sindh police personnel stand guard on the road. — APP/File

The District West police arrested two fake customs officers and their accomplice in the Orangi Town neighbourhood on Saturday.

The arrests were made by the Pakistan Bazaar police during a check. The arrested individuals posed as customs sub inspectors. They were found with weapons, cash, a vehicle with fake government licence plates, and other items.

According to the police, the two fake customs sub-inspectors were identified as Muhammad Umair and Hammad Ahmed, while their accomplice as identified as Ashraf.

The trio was involved in extorting money from shopkeepers and facilitating smugglers in exchange for bribes. The police recovered illegal weapons, bullets, customs uniforms, cash collected through extortion, and 27 cartons of cigarettes, which were extorted from a shopkeeper near Mohajir Chowk in Orangi Town. The police also seized a black Toyota Corolla with fake government licence plates used by the suspects.

The police stated that Hammad and Ashraf had previous criminal records, having been arrested before for posing as fake government officers and committing armed robberies.