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Putting waste to good use by creating artworks

By Our Correspondent
April 30, 2024
Adviser of the Floral Art Society of Pakistans Gardenia Chapter Shahimah Sayeed. — Instagram/gardenia.pak/
Adviser of the Floral Art Society of Pakistan's Gardenia Chapter Shahimah Sayeed. — Instagram/gardenia.pak/

The Floral Art Society of Pakistan, Gardenia Chapter Karachi, on Monday organised a talk and demonstration titled ‘Embracing Nature’ led by adviser of the Gardenia Chapter Shahimah Sayeed on Monday.

She made her artwork with ‘kachra’ (garbage) as she put it while talking to The News. She said that she collected garbage and intertwined it without using any hooks in her Japenese artworks of Ikebana.

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement also known as Kado. The tradition dates back to the Heian period when floral offering were made at altars. It is a much-disciplined form of art that brings together humanity and nature. This type of arrangement includes not only flowers but also stems and leaves. Ikebana is described by many as an art of soul, about relaxation of body and mind, and also about how one feels. It is not just a display of flowers but a study of nature.

Shahimah said that a world-renowned artist German floral artist Gregorlersh trained the Gardenia chapter in the art last month. She explained that he taught them how to make the floral art seem natural without using screws by joining the stems ‘naturally’ and that is exactly what she portrayed in her artwork.

“It’s all organic,” she said referring to her six floral art pieces displayed at the event. She made the body of her artwork in six days. She also set up flower arrangements at the event. Shahimah said that now Ikebana was becoming very much about using organic material and its artists rejected the use of artificial items.

President of Floral Art Society of Pakistan Gardenia Chapter Qurrat ul Ain Aamir said that they held monthly meetings of their society along with workshops, demonstrations, competitions as well as teaching classes.

She said it was a grand event because Shahimah was one of the most senior floral artists who is also a founder of the Floral Art Society of Pakistan. Shahimah, the floral society president said, took inspiration from Gregorlersh and designed her art pieces for the event. It was her creation, keeping the master class of Gregorlesh in her mind.