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Garments factory owner arrested for gas theft

By News Desk
April 24, 2024
A representational image showing a person handcuffed and standing behind bars. — AFP/File
A representational image showing a person handcuffed and standing behind bars. — AFP/File

The SSGC has continued relentlessly towards clamping down on gas theft through raids across its operational areas along with aggressive prosecution.

The SSGC’s Counter Gas Theft Operations’ team with its Police and Recovery Department raided a garments factory in New Karachi, according to a statement issued on Tuesday. The factory owner, M. Saad Siddique, who was using 17.9 KVA generator directly through the service line, was arrested, following the lodging of an FIR against him. The total connecting load was 179 cubic feet/hour. A claim is also being raised against the owner.

Gas Utility Court, District Larkana, convicted five individuals involved in gas theft in one order. The accused had already paid a theft claim of Rs150,365 to the SSGC as the quantum of loss and a fine of Rs35,000 had been imposed by the court. One of the culprits had punctured the company’s main distribution pipeline through which he was supplying gas to the four others for domestic use.

In Jaffarbad, Sukkur, 50 houses faced disconnection for involvement in the underground theft through rubber clamps. In Khairpur zone’s village Mitho Mari, 15 illegal extensions were removed through three clamps. Overhead theft was also reported in Talpur Wada Ranipur Zone, Sachar Sarmast, Nizamani, Qurban Ali Unar, Panhwar Muhallag Ghotku and Khanpur Muhalla Ubaro. All illegal extensions were removed and service lines were dismantled.

Aggressive prosecution will continue against those involved in gas theft. It should be noted that gas theft is a serious crime against the community and is a primary cause of Unaccounted-for-Gas or line losses. The SSGC, however, has zero tolerance against theft and through regular raids and prosecution is tightening its grip on gas theft cases.