Sunday June 16, 2024

SHO accuses CIA officials, political figures of undermining efforts against drug dealers

By Our Correspondent
April 21, 2024
The representational image of drugs. — APP File
The representational image of drugs. — APP File

LAHORE : Hadyara SHO has demanded an inquiry against some CIA police officials and political figures for allegedly preventing him from taking action against drug dealers and trying to implicate him in fake cases.

SHO Khalid Khan took to social media to accuse some Lahore Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) officials and certain political figures of releasing drug traffickers after taking bribe.

He said that he had been tasked by senior police officials with rooting out drug peddlers from the area.

Despite encountering resistance from local political figures, Khan diligently pursued his mandate by filing cases against numerous drug offenders.

However, he alleged that his efforts were consistently undermined by officials from the CIA Lahore, particularly those associated with the Anti-Narcotics Department.

Khan asserted that these CIA personnel actively intervened to prevent him from taking action against drug dealers, even resorting to submitting false reports to mislead superiors.

He accused the CIA police of involving in corrupt practices. He alleged that they would apprehend suspects only to release them after accepting bribes. He demanded an inquiry into the allegations he has made.