Saturday May 25, 2024

Issue licences

By News Desk
April 20, 2024
Issue licences

Almost twice a year hunters visit Balochistan to trap rare birds. They sprawl over a vast area in Zhob, Lasbela, Killa Saifullah and Loralai districts, setting up camps for illegal hunting and cast long nets to catch the maximum number of the rare birds. They stay here for two or three weeks and then shift the cranes or other birds to other areas either secretly or under the very nose of the local wildlife authorities.

The latter resort to every possible action to dismantle their hunting camps and impose fines on them but they seemingly cannot be stopped. The provincial forests and wildlife department of Balochistan must start issuing licences to the visiting hunters for a limited period of time and with a fixed number of cranes or other rare birds permitted to be captured. This will not only legalize the hunting but will add monetary benefit.

Guldar Ali Khan Wazir