Saturday May 25, 2024

MoHR helpline receives 1,460,460 calls

April 19, 2024
This image shows the logo of the Ministry of Human Rights. — APP/File
This image shows the logo of the Ministry of Human Rights. — APP/File

Islamabad: Ministry of Human Right’s Helpline 1099 has received 1,460,460 calls since it has established providing services in 5,5323 relevant cases, said an official here on Thursday.

Talking to APP, he said all callers being victim of human rights violation, received legal assistance and were referred to the concerned departments when necessary. During this period, 41,615 call backs and follow-up calls have been made to the victims. During the financial year 2022-23, individuals seek 131,309 inquiries 1,657 were provided with comprehensive legal advice and other essential support services.

The Helpline, diligently committed to ensuring the utmost efficacy and efficacy of its operations, further undertook 28,904 call backs and follow-up calls in relation to the pertinent cases during this specified period. Total of 88 calls received relating to matters of rights and welfare of children. These inquiries are regarding child protection, education, health, and general well-being.

The helpline received 403 calls concerning to challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. These inquiries cover accessibility, discrimination, employment opportunities, and the provision of adequate support and services. A significant number of 577 calls were received concerning governance-related human rights issues. These inquiries encompassed issues such as transparency, accountability, corruption, and the protection of civil and political rights within the broad framework of governance and administration.

The helpline received a minimal number of 2 calls relating to land rights. These inquiries involved matters such as land ownership, disputes, and the protection of land rights for individuals and communities. The helpline received 2 calls specifically requesting free legal assistance. These inquiries sought guidance and support on various legal matters, including criminal cases, civil disputes etc.