Saturday May 25, 2024

Waning democracy

By News Desk
April 18, 2024
Waning democracy

India, often touted as the world's largest democracy, will begin holding its general elections from April 19. The BJP looks poised to secure a third consecutive victory for several compelling reasons. The arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and the conviction of Rahul Gandhi for criminal libel highlight the challenges faced by opposition leaders, with critics charging that the BJP government is using the justice system to go after political rivals.

Meanwhile, the BJP's involvement in the electoral bond scheme, which would have reportedly paved the way for anonymous political funding, underscores its close ties with the business community. Press freedom also appears to have diminished under BJP governance, with media attention diverted from crucial socio-economic issues to divisive topics. Indian democracy seems to be in danger.

Taha Abdul Ahad