Tuesday May 21, 2024

Coastal cleanup

By News Desk
April 16, 2024
Coastal cleanup

Karachi's coastal areas are facing serious dangers from human activities that endanger their marine biodiversity, mangrove ecosystem and economic viability. We are using these coastal resources extensively, but not doing enough to preserve and protect in return. The main obstacles to coastal conservation efforts in Karachi include the dumping of waste, including sewage and industrial waste, in coastal areas and the polluting and deforestation of the mangroves. To combat these challenges the government, along with civil society, must implement robust solutions.

Upgrading sewage treatment facilities and enforcing strict regulations on industrial waste discharge will mitigate pollution, while implementing efficient waste management practices, such as recycling programs, public awareness, and littering penalties are also vital. Additionally, protecting and restoring mangrove forests through reforestation efforts and coastal zoning regulations will enhance coastal resilience. As citizens, we must actively participate in conservation initiatives, advocate for sustainable behaviours, and hold authorities accountable for the preservation of our valuable coastal environment.

Mahira Naseer