Thursday May 23, 2024

Housewives face inflation challenges during Eid shopping

By Afshan S. Khan
April 05, 2024
Women are busy Eid shopping at the Commercial market ahead of Eidul–Fitr on April 4, 2024. — APP
Women are busy Eid shopping at the Commercial market ahead of Eidul–Fitr on April 4, 2024. — APP

Islamabad: As Eid preparations reach their final stages across the country, housewives are facing the great task by managing their limited budgets amidst soaring inflation. With just few days remaining before Eidul Fitr, women are meticulously planning their Eid shopping, including purchasing clothes, shoes, jewellery, accessories and essential groceries for family gatherings.

Naveed e Sehar, a housewife while talking to ‘The News’ said with the ever increasing inflation nowadays, we have to balance our budget accordingly.

Eidul Fitr is one such occasion when we can flex our expenses a bit and go overboard with the shopping for our family. Inflation has cast a shadow over the traditional festivities, forcing housewives to adopt other strategies like online shopping and availing discount offers and limited trips to markets, to ensure a memorable Eid celebration for their families. Still majority are seen arguing with the retailers, complaining about high prices which has reduced their purchasing power.

Mostly the burden falls on the woman of the house to manage the expenses accordingly within a budget to celebrate Eid. Despite the financial constraints, women are determined to uphold the spirit of Eid by carefully budgeting and prioritizing their expenditures.

Shehla, a mother of three girls said she is visiting markets for her family for affordable yet stylish clothing and accessories for cost-effective alternatives without compromising on quality. “Eid is the biggest religious festivity and my girls are very excited about it. Me and my husband make sure that they celebrate Eid happily specially after a whole month of fasting", she said. Moreover, housewives are also strategically planning their grocery shopping for the elaborate lunches and dinners that mark the three days of Eid celebrations.

Family gathering is the main focal point of every festivity in the country, the women make sure that a delicious spread for their loved ones remains a top priority. Despite the challenges posed by inflation, the resilience and determination of Pakistani housewives shine through as they always navigate easily for Eid preparations and celebration. While the economic challenge are there, with each and every item being taxed, still the spirit of togetherness and joy continues to thrive as families eagerly anticipate coming together to celebrate Eid with their loved ones.