Saturday April 13, 2024

Pakistan-China cooperation strengthens despite tragedy

By Our Correspondent
April 02, 2024
Chairman of Tehreek Jawanaan Pakistan, Mohammad Abdullah Gul addresses an event. — Facebook/Abdullah Gul/File
Chairman of Tehreek Jawanaan Pakistan, Mohammad Abdullah Gul addresses an event. — Facebook/Abdullah Gul/File

Islamabad: Chairman of Tehreek Jawanaan Pakistan, Mohammad Abdullah Gul, unequivocally denounced the propaganda of anti-national elements in the wake of the recent Basham attack. Addressing journalists, Gul emphasised that the nefarious agenda of these elements stands exposed in the face of unwavering Pakistan-China cooperation.

The cowardly terrorist attack in Basham claimed the lives of five Chinese engineers, sparking a wave of misinformation and frustration propagated by anti-national forces. However, despite attempts to sow discord, China has reaffirmed its commitment to Pakistan's development by announcing the resumption of work on the Tarbela Dam expansion project. Contrary to malicious rumours, Chinese officials have clarified that no Pakistani workers were fired from dam projects. The Chinese Embassy and Consulate General in Pakistan, along with the Foreign Ministry, have strongly condemned the attack, vowing to hold terrorists accountable.

Abdullah Gul stressed the significance of China's decision to continue infrastructure projects, highlighting it as a resounding defeat for anti-national elements. He emphasised that such collaboration not only strengthens bilateral ties but also underscores the collective resolve to combat terrorism. In a joint statement, Pakistani and Chinese authorities reaffirmed their commitment to thwarting any attempts to undermine their partnership. The resumption of work on crucial projects signifies a shared vision for regional prosperity and stability.

The statements issued by Chinese authorities, coupled with the swift action to resume work on dam projects, serve as a testament to the resilience of Pakistan-China relations in the face of adversity. As both nations stand united against terrorism, their cooperation sets a precedent for global efforts to combat this common enemy. In conclusion, the renewed commitment to cooperation and development represents a decisive blow to those who seek to disrupt Pakistan's progress. The alliance between Pakistan and China remains steadfast, sending a clear message to anti-national elements that their divisive tactics will not prevail.