Friday May 24, 2024

Wasa MD removed as SHC expresses concern over govt’s failure to provide clean water

By Aftab Ahmed
March 23, 2024
This representational image shows water flowing from the tap. — Pexels/File
This representational image shows water flowing from the tap. — Pexels/File

Hyderabad: After attending a water-related hearing at the Sindh High Court (SHC) Hyderabad circuit bench, the Sindh chief secretary, Asif Haider Shah, on Friday suspended Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) Hyderabad managing director (MD) Zahid Khemtio.

The notification for removal of the Wasa MD was issued when the chief secretary returned Karachi on Friday evening. The notification read that Khemtio was removed for unsatisfactory performance.

Earlier, the chief secretary appeared before the SHC’s Hyderabad bench along with Hyderabad Commissioner Khalid Haider Shah, Hyderabad Deputy Commissioner Tariq Qureshi and other officers on the hearing of a case pertaining to provision of clean water to the residents.

The high court asked the chief secretary why people were not getting clean drinking water. The bench ordered measures on an emergency basis to resolve the issue. The chief secretary assured the high court of resolving the problem of clean water supply on an emergency basis and preparing a comprehensive plan for it that would be submitted to the court.

The SHC observed that the departments responsible for ensuring the provision of clean drinking water to the people had failed to fulfil their responsibility and if the officers concerned were negligent, action should be taken against them.

The bench adjourned the hearing after giving three weeks to the government to ensure progress in the supply of clean water. In the notification of the suspension of the Wasa MD, it was stated that due to the performance of Wasa Hyderabad, the Sindh government had to face embarrassment in the court.

After appearing in the court, the chief secretary spoke to the media at the Shehbaz Building Hyderabad. He said the supply of clean water in the province was one of the topmost priorities of the government.