Thursday May 23, 2024

Man commits suicide after shooting dead law college student

Siblings were returning home to Qasimabad after attending classes

By Aftab Ahmed
March 08, 2024
The picture shows two policemen standing guard. — AFP/File
The picture shows two policemen standing guard. — AFP/File 

Hyderabad: A horrific incident unfolded in Hyderabad’s Qasimabad area on Thursday afternoon, as a man shot law college student Yusra Tabassum and injured her brother, Agha Akash.

The siblings were returning home to Qasimabad after attending classes at Mitha Ram Law College when they were targeted by Irshad Kokhar, a car rider in Al Arabiya Society. Kokhar stopped his car in front of them and struck them down.

According to CCTV footage obtained by the Hyderabad police, an armed individual in a car fired at both siblings with a pistol. The girl succumbed to her injurie at the Civil Hospital in Hyderabad, while her brother, Akash, remained in critical condition and was undergoing treatment.

Hyderabad SSP Amjad Sheikh arrived at the hospital to gather details and informed the media that the assailant, identified as Irshad Khokhar, shot both victims before turning the weapon on himself, resulting in his suicide.

Khokhar hailed from the Bulri Shah Karim area of Tando Muhammad district and had been residing in Gulstan Sajjad in Hyderabad.

An investigative committee has been formed, led by ASP Baldia Rana

Dilawar, to probe the


The DSP Qasimabad, SHO Naseem Nangar and the CIA in-charge would assist in the investigation.

Initial inquiries suggested that the shooter was upset over his one-sided obsessive love for girl. However, police said, a comprehensive investigation would consider all aspects and provide further updates.